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Acceleration is the initial link to maximum velocity running, as well as a critical component of multi-directional movement. The process of accelerating in a linear manner during athletic competition or training can be divided into three separate phases. This separation is based upon the demands and the mechanics required to achieve high rates of acceleration. The start, pure acceleration, and transition phases have subtle differences that must be classified and addressed specifically in training to ensure comprehensive competency.


Football has an approximate 1:5 work to rest ratio. This enables players to put forth tremendous energy for each play. When the ball has been snapped the action is fast paced and requires efficient movement to evolve plays, create effective scoring and defensive opportunities. Throughout the diverse range of positions each athlete is responsible for a specific task. Through physical dominance and proper positioning, athletes fight to make adjustments by means of shuffle steps, drop steps, cross over steps, and back and angle pedals to name a few.

Maximum Velocity

Top end speed is not a universal requisite for all football players. As players develop, roles may change and the development of speed skills over ten yards is relevant. The high demands of neuromuscular coordination contribute to complete development of lower body potential. Maximum Velocity is also used for many fitness / conditioning protocols and speed testing such as the 40 yard dash (a well documented and heavily weighted staple of football evaluation).


Our strength training focus is simply on teaching athletes to create the most amount of force in the least amount of time through the optimal range of motion. We develop four distinct areas of strength: maximal strength, explosive strength, stabilization strength, and functional strength. We do this through¬†integrated movements rather than¬†isolated muscle groups. It’s athletic performance development, not body building. So we train on the feet using the whole body in a dynamic environment.

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I can honestly say that without Bob Harvey and his knowledge as a speed and strength trainer, I may not have had the same opportunities to go on and play college football. Bob is better than any of my previous collegiate strength coaches, and I am truly blessed to have met him and worked under his guidance. When training for him, he expects that you come ready to work hard and learn and he combines that with his knowledge of biomechanics to make you competitive with the best athletes. After only 2 months of training with Bob, my 40 time went from a 4.7 down to a 4.4. By the end of my high school recruitment, I was consistently putting up some of the most impressive combine results in the entire nation and won a number of awards for my performances. If you want to maximize your athletic potential, then Bob is the guy to bring that out of you. Trust me when I say Bob is the best there is!

Shane McCullen

ASU Class of 2014

Athletic Performance Coach: Bob Harvey

Coach Harvey has an extensive background in the strength and conditioning/sports performance field. He has worked as a college and high school strength and conditioning coach as well as a sports performance coach and director of sports performance at a nationally recognized performance company. In that time he had the privilege to help athletes from middle school through professionals obtain their performance goals and has been the athletic performance coach and DLine coach for Authority Football since 2013.

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