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Great hands aren’t a luxury, they are a necessity. You can’t score if you can’t catch. So we make sure you can catch, everything. We work on strong, soft, confident hands through an array of ball exercises, hands strengthening, and a the full spectrum of ball and pass types, angles, and elevations. The only thing you’ll be dropping is the ball into the ref’s hands at the end of the play.


Route-running is the art and science of getting open. We teach you how stem routes to threaten defenders to create the real-estate you need to get the ball and score touchdowns. We focus on route stems, cuts, and breaks to attack man, zone, press, and off coverage versus corners, safeties, and linebackers. The plan is simple: get open, score, repeat.


The bedrock off all skills is the mental focus required to execute the techniques and tactics you’re mastering. And you have to be able to block out the chaos around you to focus on the only thing that matters in that moment. We train the eyes and the brain on exactly how to do that in the midst of everything going on around you.


Everything you do comes down to one desired outcome: playmaking – getting the job done when it’s expected, and then even when it’s unrealistic. We take the plays we should, but we make the plays we must, and that is what takes a good receiver to a great one. The one-handed layout catch, the TD in traffic, and breaking a long one off a 5 yard hitch. Authority Football athletes believe they can change the course of a game with one play.

Ready to get explosive?

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“I have sure hands, I can run a good route, and I have a little speed,” he smiled, “Just a little.”

Modest confidence. A quality developed with the mentorship of his parents and trainer, former Dallas Carter star Wide Receiver Ellis Krout from the University of Oregon.

“I know I’m good, and that there are a lot of people that can’t match up. But at the same time, you can’t rest. Got to keep working, or someone’s going to pass you. I just try to outwork everybody on and off the field.” Ellis has molded my game and polished it so I can compete at a higher level than the guys I am lining up against every Friday. GO COWBOYS !!!!!!

Until then, Lodge will remain focused on the controllable.

“My parents and Ellis always tell me to keep my grades up, stay humble, focus on the things I can control and the rest will fall into place.”

DaMarkus Lodge

Ole Miss, 2019 - #57 ESPN 300 (2015)

Wide Receivers Coach: Ellis Krout

Coach Krout uses a method to develop great receivers that includes a list of specific traits that players tend to overlook: agility, body control, strength, quickness, soft hands, physical stamina, concentration, focus, toughness, pride, eye–hand coordination (very important), vision, intelligence and progression. Having all these traits together in your game allows you to do everything efficient and smooth. Coach Krout enjoyed a successful high school career at Dallas Carter HS and his collegiate career at the University of Oregon and a professional stint in the NFL and has brough his dedication to the craft of route running, receiving, and scoring to Authority Football since 2014.

Ready to get explosive?