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Learn how to fix the top 7 mistakes untrained Quarterbacks make


The foundation of Authority Football training begins with teaching the biomechanics of the throwing motion. Our athletes understand how arm mechanics affect ball flight. If a ball is a little high, or low, or right, or left, or wobbly, they know what they did, or didn’t, do to result this way, and can simply change the part of the mechanic that was off on the very next throw. It’s not magic; it’s just math.


Imagine shooting a perfectly calibrated rifle at a target – while standing on a surfboard in the ocean. Regardless of how great the gun is, an unsteady platform makes for a nearly impossible shot, rendering the highly-calibrated gun, useless. Our QBs learn how to be explosive, efficient, and accurate with their feet so that every throw is from the best possible platform, balanced, and aligned optimally to the target.


Routes are packaged in pairs or threes to create “stresses” on key defenders, the players we call the “read”. Our QBs learn to know who the read is on every play, how a combination attacks him, and how to make him wrong every time.


Route combinations are packaged into entire passing concepts that exploit defenses in different ways. We teach our QBs to understand the concept, its adjustments and variations, and how it attacks the weaknesses of different defensive coverage schemes so that we are always in a winnable play and can continue to move the chains and throw more touchdowns.

Ready to throw more touchdowns?

Coach Mac Was only my coach for one year, but for that one year, I learned more about not only the physical part of being a quarterback, but the mental game as well. He is a perfectionist in everything he does and that is what makes him so great. He taught me many things that I will carry through Division I football. I highly recommend his skills as a coach to a student of the game at any age level that wants to learn and have fun while doing it. Thank you so much Coach Mac for all you have done for me. Brandon Bialkowski

Lehigh University, 2014

Coach Mac

I’m Coach Mac, a former high school English and Journalism teacher and head high school and collegiate football coach for over a decade. I dedicated my life to serving and developing the boys of my community, but in doing so, I neglected the only boys that really mattered — my own. So I left my career as a coach and an educator so I could rewrite our life and our family could live life on our own terms. To me, failure as a football coach is inevitable, but failure as a father is unthinkable. So in 2011, I founded Authority Football to serve a need that athletes everywhere have which is affordable, professional, quality coaching to teach them not just the “what” but to explain the “why” and teach the “how”. And that has allowed me to do the thing I love the most in this world, coaching football, so that I can be with the ones I love the most in this world, my wife and sons.

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Ready to throw more touchdowns?

Fix the 7 Most Common Mistakes Untrained Quarterbacks Make

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