halloween football players-X18143736-0006Over-dramatic coaches have been erroneously comparing football and combat for decades, a hyperbole that loses sight of the frivolity of the former and gravity of the later. However, I pose a comparison much more accurate and grounded in reality, and if minded, just may save your life in the pending zombie apocalypse: playing quarterback is just like surviving a world of undead hordes. Seriously. No seriously.

1. Always aim for the head

Ammo is limited, opportunities scarce, margin of error slim. Your best chance for effective execution time and time again — drive it through your target’s brains.

2.  Keep calm under pressure

Bodies are everywhere and a swarm of hungry attackers close in around you, reaching, clawing, and clamoring to take you down. If you don’t keep calm, with your eyes and head up, focused on the task at hand, you’ll end up at the bottom of a pile.

3. You can’t do it alone

Your only chance of survival and success is to depend on the people around you to protect your back, follow your lead, and do their job.

4. You can never be over-prepared

Know your adversary’s strengths and weakness by seriously studying their behavior and tendencies and committing to the strategic game plan to exploit those weaknesses.

5. When Plan A goes bad, and it will, you better have a solid Plan B

You’ve got to move fast and think fast, trust your preparation, and live with your decisions, but if you hesitate or second-guess yourself, you’ll be eaten alive.

As you can see, you can either be lucky, prepared, or dead meat. Your success and those around you depend on it. Seriously.