Five a.m. QB training with GoPro cameras.

The awesome folks at Hudl were interested in what I was doing with GoPro cameras and Hudl, the web-based scouting software used by teams from the youth level to the NFL. I love incorporating technology when it improves teaching and provides an experience or perspective that one could not otherwise get.

The idea behind the GoPro camera is that we can strap it to a QB’s head, put him in 7 on 7, and “see” what he’s seeing. It’s phenomenal to evaluate, and awesome to use to teach players reads, progressions, pre-snap, and post-snap keys.

That then evolved into putting the camera on a WR to see what he sees, and provide a new, first-person perspective on the concepts and spacing we want to execute versus different looks. That then evolved into “hey, let’s put the camera on the defender and see what he’s looking at.” I think this is one of the coolest perspectives in regards to teaching the offense, since they get to see what that defender is seeing, and more importantly, what he’s NOT seeing. What you realize immediately is how blind that player is, and the confidence that creates in our offensive players is tremendous.

Read the blog post here. If you’ve read other scheme articles in you may recognize some of the footage.