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Be disruptive. Be destructive. Be dominant.


Foundation and first step is the root of success and dominance at defensive line. Athletes will learn the different alignment techniques, stances, and get-offs to fill their tool box to attack the different offensive alignments, spacing, and personnel they will see in competition.

Fit, Fill, Finish

Defensive line play requires players to be boulders of granite that flow like water, filling and flowing into space, fitting tightly against the shell of the offensive line’s blocking surface, and finishing plays with nastiness. Knowing how to rip, run, lean, and change direction in a the small, congested space of the “wash” is a brutal art and science.

Handfight Tactics

Defensive Line play is simply hand-to-hand combat. We teach a set of simple, sound, effective hand fighting techniques to remove blockers’ hands from your frame while pinning them and manipulating their body and balance to create  or occupy space to suffocate offenses in both the run game and pass game.


The defensive line battle comes down to which player gets his hands on the opponent first, and who does so with force and violence. We work the mechanics and techniques to deliver the most powerful blow while compressing blockers, destroying offensive line levels, and suffocating the backfield.

Ready to dominate?

Coach Harvey is the best D Line coach I’ve ever had even at the college level. He hits on the little things: putting your hands in the right place, taking the proper steps, really exploding through, and focusing on a lot of things that most people don’t understand. You can look on TV and see all the stuff he teaches that the guys in the NFL and big time colleges are doing the same exact things that we’re learning and doing. John LaChapelle

Western Illinois, 2016

Athletic Performance Coach: Bob Harvey

Coach Harvey has an extensive background in the strength and conditioning/sports performance field. He has worked as a college and high school strength and conditioning coach as well as a sports performance coach and director of sports performance at a nationally recognized performance company. In that time he had the privilege to help athletes from middle school through professionals obtain their performance goals and has been the athletic performance coach and DLine coach for Authority Football since 2013.

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