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One-to-one consulting about program development, offensive and defensive systems and installation. We meet in person or virtually to discuss your program and your career’s most important topics.


Are you looking to develop your staff to increase their football acumen? Do you need to create a tighter alignment on your staff’s shared purpose? We tailor our clinic to your needs and focus on mindset, system installation, drill education, and film analysis.


Do you want to supplement your staff in an area of coaching that an expert can provide directly to your players while teaching your staff at the same time? Camps can be as comprehensive or specific as you’d like, we can train your entire team or just a small position group. Whatever you need most to get your program to the next level.


Looking for a continuing and ongoing coaching mentorship? Do you want to learn the art and science of both coaching and football? We train and certify Authority Football coaches after an intensive internship program and prepare coaches to be competent, effective, and successful.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, we do not care about winning. We care about the process; we care about character; we care about commitment; and we create competence.

You see, you can have results without excellence, and you can have excellence without results, but in both cases, you won’t have either for long. And we are committed to excellence first, regardless of the cost. Excellence only, regardless of the cost. And this has created the most rewarding profession I have ever had, which is as the founder of Authority Football. And I have a dedicated staff of men who think the same way. Men who are dedicated to the process, dedicated to excellence above all things, and dedicated to the athletes that we train. We love to win –  but we don’t work to win games; we work to win the day; we work to win the play; we work to win the rep; we work to win the step. “Results” are exactly that, results – the inevitable outcome of performance. We focus on performance, across all elements of our lives.

So if you are a coach, and this resonates with you, and you want men like this around your sons or your players, go ahead and subscribe here at the website, follow us on our social sites, like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and if you’d like to learn how to be a better coach who knows how to develop better athletes then contact us today. I hope to talk to you soon.

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