College Roadtrip Scholar-Athlete Recruiting Seminar

As a supplement to the seminar at Highland Jr. High March 22, 2012, this article provides the presentation and supplemental videos from the two Pac-12 athletes who provided their perspectives. The video from Rusty Fernando is the video in its entirety. Shane McCullen-... read more

Principles of throwing: 90 degrees

One of the essential principles of an efficient throwing mechanic is to open the elbow straight back after ball separation from the front hand to a position of 90 degrees in the elbow and 90 degrees in the arm pit. An elbow lower than that will have to come... read more

How to throw flat-out awesome

The kid is only 12! or maybe he’s 8. He can’t throw a 7-step comeback at 15, or 20-yard dig across the middle. Heck, in all reality, you may know your kid struggles throwing a curl to your TE. The obvious lack of physical or mechanical development in youth... read more