WBW Ep 8 – Finding Grass

Learn how to simplify playing quarterback by teaching your player to “find grass”. Your QBs can shred defenses without knowing all the complexities of reading and recognizing defenses. Open pockets are all over the defensive backfield if you know how to... read more

WBW Ep 7 – Bait Stress

Learn how to teach your quarterback how to read the cornerback when executing a bait stress, another variation of the vertical stress. Teach him to take what the defense gives him and get the ball to an athlete in space and how to avoid getting “slow... read more

WBW Ep 6 – Go Stress

Teach your quarterback how to scorch the secondary with the deep ball. Coach Mac breaks down the Go Stress and what the common mistakes quarterbacks make when executing this strategy as well as dispels the myth that the long ball is a “long... read more

WBW Ep 5 – Flow Stress

Coach Mac teaches how to use a flow stress against the secondary. With a flow stress your routes “flow” together forcing the key read defender to make a decision. When your quarterback reads that key defender’s decision, he guarantees to make him... read more

WBW Ep 4 – Cross Stress

Learn how to beat the secondary with a Cross Stress, one of the most common and effective tactics in the passing game, and a great way to raise completions for struggling QBs. Breaking down the “Lateral Stress” concept further, Coach Mac will share with... read more

WBW Ep 3 – Leverage Stress

Playing fast is crucial as a quarterback. Quick decisions, on time throws and reading a defense can seem to be complicated, but not if you teach your quarterback what to look for. Today, Coach Mac is sharing how to beat the secondary with a leverage or personnel... read more

WBW Ep 2 – Vertical Stress

It is Episode 2 of Whiteboard Wednesdays! Today Coach Mac is sharing how to beat the secondary with the vertical stress. He will show you how to teach your quarterback where to put his eyes after the snap, so he can play fast, and be set up for... read more

WBW Ep 1 – Lateral Stress

Not reading defenders, brain overload, late throws, rushed throws, poor decisions, these are all problems for every level of quarterback. In this episode of Whiteboard Wednesdays, Coach Mac shares how to help your quarterback begin to see the field more clearly. He... read more